Albero Di lemone

Welcome to Albero di Lemone

Italian food is what it is and it shouldn’t be messed with, it’s about simplicity, honesty and bold flavours. A beautiful product should be left to speak for itself and that is what we aim to offer you at Albero di Lemone.

In the Trattoria we offer a small menu of classics that will remain favourites for generations, However this allows us to have fun with our ever changing seasonal specials which has always been our idea for the menu since lemon tree was just an idea, meaning there will always be something exciting and new to try every time you visit.

In the Deli you will find amazing cured meats which are sliced to order, delicious Italian cheeses that literally melt in your mouth, In house marinated Vegetables, our own mix of Italian Olives which we marinate with garlic, chilli, lemon and bay, Fresh filled Panini’s are made each morning and nests of fresh pasta are also on offer for you to take home and cook for yourselves. Just be warned the temptation to pick up one of our delicious pastries or cakes is likely to get the better of you!

On the wall there are loads of gourmet ingredients such as olive oils, vinegars, dried pasta, risotto rice, pulses, anchovies, passata, herbs and spices, nougat, biscotti and some green groceries too.

We hope you love coming here as much as we love working here!